'There was no blackmail': Volodymyr Zelensky weighs in on impeachment discussion


He also said he thinks the transcript released by the Trump administration is accurate but admitted he didn't check whether the Ukrainian transcript of the July call is the same as that of the White House. More than 300 journalists were scheduled to get time with Mr. Zelensky during the all-day event.

According to ABC News, Zelensky reiterated there was "no blackmail" during his phone call with President Trump, which formed the basis of House Democrats' impeachment inquiry.

Zelenskiy stated he was open to a joint investigation into Burisma and the 2016 U.S. election however pressured Ukraine was an impartial nation with impartial legislation enforcement businesses whose work he had no proper to affect.

The former USA ambassador to Ukraine has told Congress that President Donald Trump pressured the state department to remove her from her role. Joe Biden is a leading contender for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 presidential election. Biden's son Hunter became on the board of Ukrainian gasoline company Burisma.

On Thursday, Zelenskiy once again emphasised that Trump did not try to blackmail him during their phone call in July or at their meeting in September.

Zelenskiy said he thought the call would lead to an in-person meeting with Trump, and wanted the American leader to come to Ukraine.

At the same time, Trump is also pushing Ukraine to investigate any potential wrongdoing by the Bidens.

Ukraine's president insisted Thursday that he faced "no blackmail" from President Donald Trump in their phone call that led to an impeachment inquiry, distancing himself from the USA political drama and trying to claw back his own credibility.

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In an all-day "media marathon" held in a Kyiv food court, Zelenskiy played down suggestions that Trump pressured him in exchange for USA military aid to help Ukraine battle Russian-backed separatists. "And after our meeting America unblocked the aid". Zelenskiy stated he had by no means met them. All but US$30-million of the USA aid was released in mid-September.

According to the WaPo report, one official who had listened to the call "immediately" went to Eisenberg, with at least two more following suit by the end of the next day, allegedly having heard the call or seen the rough transcript of the conversation.

Zelenskiy is notably trying to end a five-year conflict with Russia-backed separatist in eastern Ukraine, and is treading carefully to ensure continued support from the US while trying to make peace with powerful neighbor Russian Federation.

At one point, the 41-year-old former comedian appeared to accuse reporters of trying to trick him into an answer that would make headlines in the U.S.

Putin said that Russian Federation is supportive of the initiatives to bring peace to the separatist-held eastern Ukraine where 13,000 people have died since 2014 but said it is up to Zelenskiy and the Ukrainian establishment to see through the accords.

Whereas Zelenskiy became talking, prosecutors within the United States talked about two of Giuliani's friends had been arrested in a map to illegally funnel money to a expedient-Trump election committee and diversified U.S. political candidates.

"I told him ... please help to resolve it", Zelenskiy recalls asking Pence.

"I don't want to interfere in any way in the elections" in the United States, he said. "I will choose the way that I speak to the President of the Russian Federation".