Seven die of vaping-related illness


Nationwide, more than 800 people have been diagnosed with severe lung illness from vaping, which has caused 13 deaths, officials said.

Tim and Ruby Johnson's oldest daughter is Colorado's first confirmed case of vaping-related illness.

Additional deaths are under investigation, Schuchat said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 1,080 cases have been reported, up from the 805 reported a week ago.

"Since that first confirmed death from vaping related lung injury, over 50,000 people have died in the USA from cigarette smoking", Delnevo said.

The state health department has been inundated with reports from clinicians and health care providers detailing the specifics of possible instances of vaping-related illness since the September 11 mandate. Twelve people have died in 10 states.

The majority of these cases are in younger patients.

Additionally, Mississippians are urged to not buy products off the street containing THC or other cannabinoids.

State health departments, the CDC and the FDA are still investigating the possible causes of the lung injuries, but based on information at this time, e-cigarettes or vaping products should never be used by youths, young adults, pregnant women, or by adults who do not now use tobacco products. According to NBC, two more deaths have since been reported, in OR and North Carolina.

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Public Health Commissioner Monica Bharel has mandated that MA clinicians immediately report any unexplained vaping-associated lung injury to the department.

The researchers behind the report explain that the lung injuries reported after use of e-cigarettes have been found after use of THC related products and nicotine containing products.

Officials are investigating samples taken from these patients in an effort to determine what is causing the outbreak.

The CDC, state health departments, and the federal Food and Drug Administration are all still investigating the causes of these diseases.

Dr. Jennifer Layden from IL also thanked the patients and family members of those that came forth to help this investigation. The sales ban applies to all vaping devices and products, including those containing nicotine or cannabis. But recent reported injuries and deaths make clear that we do not have a full understanding of the associated risks. "There's a lot of people that want to tie it to just illegal THC cartridges".

Carroll, 23, said he used an e-cigarette with THC for three months before he started to feel pain in his chest, shoulder, and back.

"These findings do highlight predominant use of prepackaged, pre-filled THC cartridges obtained through informal sources". There are now 805 possible cases overall.

Cancer Council Australia Tobacco Issues Committee Chair Libby Jardine told that in Australia, e-liquid and e-cigarette manufacturers had so far avoided subjecting their products to an acceptable level of public health scrutiny, despite commonly claiming they had the health benefit of helping people quit smoking. "The information about products is being, as well as products that exist are being provided for laboratory testing at FDA's forensic laboratory, supply chain traced back would to be done either through FDA or DEA depending and CDC is basically in very close communication with our partners across government".

"Black market materials that youth are getting their hands on, and even adults, that have not been manufactured by legitimate companies, so we don't know what's in them", Ginny Campbell, with the American Cancer Society, said.