Republican congressman open to impeaching Trump announces retirement


Democrats on Monday laid out their case for the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump and pressed Republicans to stop supporting Trump by releasing a fact sheet and video they said expose Trump's efforts to secure victory in the 2020 presidential election with the assistance of Ukraine.

Mr. Mulvaney said Thursday he was initially skeptical of holding the global summit at a Trump property, but changed his mind when the White House staff said the resort would work operationally.

Mulvaney's description of the administration's handling of the Ukraine aid amounted to a quid pro quo, though he later claimed his comments had been misconstrued.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) is one such senator, who, according to The Atlantic, has spent time in recent months reviewing "The Federalist Papers" and brushing up on parliamentary procedure.

However, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said last week that he would hold a trial against Trump if the Democrat-controlled house votes to impeach the president.

Rooney, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee at the center of the inquiry, said Friday that he had not yet come to a conclusion on whether the President committed a crime that compels his removal from office, a striking view among House Republicans defensive of Trump.

Even before Democrats launched the impeachment inquiry, Mulvaney was on thin ice, with diminished status in the White House.

"I'm definitely at variance with some of the people in the district who would probably follow Donald Trump off the Grand Canyon rim", he said.

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He has also clashed with White House counsel Pat Cipollone, sometimes mentioned as a potential Mulvaney successor, over strategy and tactics in response to impeachment. Zelensky agreed to Trump's requests.

"I never saw that in the decision-making process that I was a part of.the conversation was always around what were the strategic implications, would that money get to the right place or would there be corruption in Ukraine and the money wouldn't flow to the mission that it was intended for", Pompeo said on ABC's "This Week". Trump, on his part, has been constantly saying that there was no quid pro quo - but those opposing him say that there indeed was quid pro quo and Trump leveraged the position of his office for personal/electoral gains.

Mr. Trump, meanwhile, has taken heat from his party over his decision to withdraw US forces from northeastern Syria.

Mr. Mulvaney on Sunday dismissed that criticism of Mr. Trump's decision as politically out-of-touch. Even some Republicans said the move was inappropriate.

The bookended performances over the span of a few days were panned by the president's allies and cast doubt on Mulvaney's job security at the White House.

Mulvaney had insisted that White House staff concluded that Doral was "far and away the best physical facility" and tried to push back at concerns raised by Democrats and some Republicans that Trump was using the presidency to enrich himself.

Mulvaney said Trump was still "extraordinarily popular back home" and Republican lawmakers would respond to that.

He said: "The problem we have is that the President needs a team around him and somebody has got to step up and make a play".