IOS 13.2 beta 1 brings Deep Fusion to iPhone 11


Release notes for iOS 13.2 beta 1 are pretty light on details of new features added in the update.

IF YOU LIVE for the little notification telling you a new version of iOS is available, then Apple really is making sure you live your best life. Apple says it will follow in an over-the-air software update, but it's probably already the iPhone 11's most interesting feature. Now, the Deep Fusion feature has arrived in developer beta mode of iOS 13 which is a big hint of it arriving for general users as well.

The initial release of iOS 13 was on September 19.

Apple has just released its third update for iOS 13, with iOS 13.1.2 being rolled out for customers.

As per the official changelog provided by Apple, iOS 13.1.2 addresses an issue that could continue to show the progress bar for iCloud Backup after a successful backup.

Additionally, they address an issue where Bluetooth may disconnect on certain vehicles and a bug where the flashlight may not activate.

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Unfortunately, it's unclear whether the latest software solves the battery issues that some Watch owners have been complaining about since the release of watchOS 6. This was somewhat ironic considering that watchOS 6 introduced the ability for users to hear Siri speak the time on all watch faces, although of course Mickey and Minnie do so in a far more distinctive way.

The new watchOS release also includes a bug fix for the issue that could result in a loss of display calibration data.

The US company has pushed-out an operating system update to the smartwatch created to fix performance, quash bugs, and improve security.

You can download watchOS 6.0.1 to any Apple Watch model that's compatible with watchOS 6.0. It notably emerged following the arrival of watchOS 6.0 earlier this month.

Despite the rapid updates to iPhone's and iPad's software, there are still things that remain broken for developers.

The Apple Watch should restart twice before the update is completely installed.