Here's where to snag free, cheap tacos on National Taco Day


Fortunately, for those who want to spend National Taco Day eating tacos, a number of restaurants have deals for Friday that make showing love for tacos a no-brainer.

Chuy's - You can add a crispy beef taco to your entrée for only $1. The gift cards allow visitors to redeem a $5 National Taco Day Gift Set, which includes two crunchy tacos and two Nacho Cheese Doritos® Locos Tacos.

Although National Cheeseburger Day and National Coffee Day weren't all that long ago, there's already another "national food day" on the horizon-National Taco Day. The deal covers soft or hard shell tacos filled with ground beef or chicken. For reference, à la carte tacos are regularly $1.99 each in Toronto (pricing may vary by region), so you'll essentially get a free taco (and a one-of-a-kind gift box) compared to regular price with this one-day-only deal - taco'bout a great value!

Head to Point Breeze to check out this one-of-a-kind BYOB Mexican eatery and indulge in their Cochinita Pibil tacos for National Taco Day.

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To start, their highly sought after Fajita Tacos with avocado fries are on special for this big day. Puesto is also celebrating their future Mission Valley location with a special pop up at the Mission Center Road site with free tacos. Real geniuses will just gift themselves a taco set. If you bought these four tacos at Taco Bell normally, they'd cost over $6 plus tax. The first 300 people will get a free taco.

The good news? You'll be able to get that taco you're craving no matter the number of deals and promotions around.

Get your friends to buy you tacos at Taco Bell.

Condado Tacos in the Pittsburgh area are offering a free taco with any purchase and the company will launch sales of T-shirts, according to, that are made in collaboration with Homage. Today through Sunday, snag two tacos, chips, and a drink for $5.99 or substitute a beer for $2.