Get a Glimpse of Fortnite's Future in New Chapter Two Trailer Leak


Overnight, millions of Fortnite fans were left in the dark after the hugely popular game appeared to have been sucked into a weird black hole. If the game is down for more than two days, it would be a massive loss of income for Epic Games' hugely popular game. Every few minutes he goes on to his phone and googles "Fortnite". Then, several more rockets appeared in the sky and all of them entered into a single final rift.

Some players have resorted to using their newfound free time to decipher a series of random numbers floating around the black hole image. They responded, "Due to the Fortnite Blackout, all game modes are now unavailable for play".

A final explosion sparked the formation of a black hole, pulling all light, objects and players into a swirling central point on-screen, which went black before a dark, wispy blue ring materialized. The game plays with apocalyptic events quite often. Or is there something deeper going on behind the black hole? He dug into the website code of and discovered the start and end times for Season 10 Finale "The End" event.

Prominent Fortnite streamer and esports player Ben "DrLupo" Lupo said he would be disappointed if there was no "black hole" back bling, one of the cosmetic items players can buy or gain in the game. I guess we will find out what is next soon.

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As previously rumoured, the launch trailer reveals the star of Fortnite Chapter 2 - a lush new island map, as well as four new characters, which you can view at the top of this page.

It's being referred to as Fortnite: Chapter 2, and will follow the story of a new crew, as well as a blown-up map, and of course, new cosmetics to buy. In addition to a new map, Epic Games introduced a retooled user interface and game mechanics.

Fortnite keeps itself fresh (and its developers crunching) by regularly mixing up content in the form of seasons.