Upcoming 24 Hour Pokemon Stream Promises Look at New Locale


Looks like we'll get a chance to see some new Galar region Pokemon ahead of Pokemon Sword and Shield's debut on November 15.

The official Pokemon Twitter account has announced a new live stream hosted by Twitch will take place on Friday, October 4, 2019, at 6:00am PT.

Starting at 6am PT / 9am ET, which for those of us based in the United Kingdom is 1pm GMT, the livestream will be feature live footage from an in game area known as the Glimwood Tangle, said to be a heavily wooded location in the Galar region from the next games in the series. From a lore perspective, viewers will be helping Sonia, the granddaughter of Sword and Shield's Professor Magnolia, conduct research in the area by viewing the live stream.

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And with the release date looming large, new details are steadily being revealed about the upcoming set of Pokemon games.

There's a weird Pokemon Sword & Shield livestream coming on October 4th. Rather than simply showing a few minutes of curated gameplay, however, this particular demo will be live and is scheduled to run for a whopping 24 hours.