Thousands in NYC expected to join worldwide demonstrations on climate change


It occurs in the lead-up to crucial United Nations talks on climate change, where Australia will again disgrace itself by refusing to lift its weak emissions targets.

Do you want to know more about what climate change is and how it affects our planet?

St Albans pupils are joining youth activists all over the country in a school strike over the climate emergency.


"We want to show the government and assembly that we aren't going to stand for inaction on climate change any more", Beth told BBC Radio Wales.

Earth Strike, launched in January, is building relationships at the regional level, along with organizing other efforts around milestones, such as Earth Day and May Day.

In this picture taken on September 19, 2019, employees arrange a display behind a sign warning customers of a "climate strike" closure of a skin care shop in Singapore on September 20, as part of a global climate change campaign.

The first strike of students for climate took place in the Czech Republic in March, others followed in the spring.

"If we do nothing, the sixth mass extinction will come to include humans".

Friday's protest is part of a larger movement, Fridays for Future, which encourages young people to demand real change from their lawmakers.

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Former Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas posted a photo of children taking part in the London event online, with the caption: "London you are handsome".

"The notion of using children in all of this is scandalous and the politics of climate change has become poisonous". Still, the question remains whether this strategy will work to shift the severity of the environmental crisis in the eyes of the broader public.

'While the teacher has determined that the conversation at today's global climate strike is educational and relevant to the learning for this project, RMIT will of course be looking at the decision to ensure that assessment integrity is maintained'. And that phrase never fails to be amusing to me when I think about it, because another disruption to the learning environment that I can think of as the climate crisis, you know?

The 15-year-old student says she will receive zero for the exam because her absence will be marked as "unauthorised".

Google Workers for Action on Climate said some 800 employees of the search engine company would join the strike, almost a year after employees in Google offices around the world staged a walkout to protest the company's handling of sexual misconduct by senior executives.

"Our system allows the costs and harms of maintaining our current system to be shifted into the future", said Kallan Benson, an organizer with Fridays for Future. Others in Warsaw staged a performance of people drowning in a sea of plastic waste. Schools, in particular, provide a major strategic advantage, according to Benson.

Suzie Longstaff, headmistress of Putney High School, a private girls' school, said young people should be able to make their own decisions about whether to take part in the action and that she applauded her students for having an environmental and social conscience.

"We need to reclaim our constitutional right to clean air and water", said Aman Sharma, a 16-year-old protester in India's capital of New Delhi. "Of course, those changes will affect our future, and we need to make changes which will provide a just, equitable and peaceful future for everyone in the future".