This Apple Watch feature saves life of biker after fatal accident


PSA: Last Sunday while trying to meet up with my dad for some mountain biking in Riverside State Park (MTB in RSP), I get a text from dad's Apple Watch letting me know it "detected a Hard Fall" with a map to his location. At that time, Gabe got another message from his dad's Apple Watch saying that his dad's location had changed with a map location of Sacred Heart Medical Center. That's exactly what happened when Gabe's father fell from his bike wearing an Apple Watch. The message also provided him with his father's location, he said. Apple Watch not only sent the location after detecting the hard fall, but also called 911 (American Police Helpline) in Emergency.

"Dad flipped his bike at the bottom of Doomsday, hit his head and was knocked out until sometime during the ambulance ride", Gabe wrote. A Facebook user named Gabe Bardt, who lives in Washington, has given this information through his profile post. His bike had been scooped up by the fire division, and was at the station.

The fall-detection feature "was the reason I bought the watch in the first place", he said. Burdett says much of the path his dad was on was more remote.

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If the gadget detects what Apple refers to as a hard fall while being worn, the watch taps the wearer on the wrist and displays an alert. However, since the fall detection feature sounds an audible alert for 60 seconds before actually calling emergency services, giving you ample opportunity to cancel the call, there's little risk from turning it on beyond a minor inconvenience, so we think this is more a case of Apple wanting to make sure users know what they're in for once the feature is switched on. However, it's easily switched on with a quick trip into your the Apple Watch settings.

If you're in the market for an Apple Watch, but aren't completely sold on the new additions to the Apple Watch Series 5, then you're in luck.