Texas lawmaker: 'Praying for protection' is a solution for mass shootings


A series of new firearm laws went into effect in Texas Sunday, just hours after a shooting killed seven people in the western part of the state.

The gunman was slammed by a police vehicle and spun into a group of cars in the movie theater's parking lot.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said her mother, Kelby Davis, texted: "Her mouth is pretty bad, but will heal and can be fixed".

"I'm heartbroken by the crying of the people of the state of Texas". "Too many Texans are in mourning. Action is needed", he mentioned. "And we must do it fast".

The shooting started on Saturday afternoon in Midland when a Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) trooper attempted to stop a vehicle that failed to signal.

The shooter in Saturday's incident opened hearth throughout a site visitors cease close to the city of Midland, Texas, after which sped off, spraying bullets at pedestrians and motorists.

Officials in Odessa didn't title any of the sufferers however did say postal employee is likely one of the lifeless.

On Sunday, an Odessa city spokesman told reporters that there were now eight confirmed deaths, including the shooter - three in Midland and five in Odessa - NBC affiliate NewsWest9 reported.

Eric Finley, spokesman for UMC Health System in Lubbock, said in an email that the toddler was released from hospital Sunday. "We are thanking God for healing her and appreciate continued prayers".

"Toddlers are amusing because they can get shot and still want to run around and play". While the motive for the attack is yet to be ascertained, the investigators have ruled out any possible connection to domestic or worldwide terrorism, CNN reported.

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Little is known about the gunman or his motivations.

It's unclear why police pulled over the unidentified gunman or what his motive was. And there's a reason for that.

At some point, the shooter abandoned his auto and hijacked a USPS mail carrier's vehicle, Gerke said.

Seven families are grieving the loss of loved ones and 22 more victims are recovering from injuries. "The hurt you feel is incalculable, but you must hold on to the hope that you must also have", Abbott said. But these bills have hit a wall in the Senate, and I fear they may continue to be blocked unless there is a shift in how we prioritize gun safety among voters.

"Local law enforcement and state troopers pursued him and stopped him from possibly going into a crowded movie theatre and having another event of mass violence", Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent Christopher Combs said. Legislation was quickly passed and signed into law, including a "red-flag" statute that would allow authorities to confiscate weapons from individuals deemed by the courts to be a threat to themselves or others.

One factor is that the National Rifle Association has successfully made gun rights a number one voting issue for its members. Trump told reporters afterward that the latest massacre - one in a string of deadly episodes this summer - was unlikely to change the calculus in Washington.

Trump mentioned the need for "strong measures to keep weapons out of the hands of unsafe and deranged individuals" along with changes to a mental health system he described as "broken".

The president said it would be "wonderful to say" he'd work to "eliminate" mass shootings, but acknowledged that that was unlikely.

Several of the candidates called on the Republican-controlled Senate to immediately pass legislation approved by the Democrat-controlled House that would strengthen gun laws, including requiring universal background checks. But he later backpedaled, saying existing background checks are already thorough. But we have, sort of, missing areas and areas that don't complete the whole circle.

In particular, the mayor said the victim recovery effort needs to include support beyond just healing gunshot wounds.