Taiwan And Kiribati Cut Diplomatic Ties Amid China Tension


The Pacific island nation of Kiribati cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan on Friday, becoming the second country to do so this week and strengthening Beijing's hand.

China routinely denies offering easy cash and loans in return for recognition, which Taiwan has repeatedly accused Beijing of doing, but said this week that both Kiribati and the Solomon Islands would have "unprecedented development opportunities" with China by their side.

"The main goal driving Chinese government's continued campaign to push Taiwan's allies to sever diplomatic relations is to suppress and reduce Taiwan's worldwide presence, thereby forcing the Taiwanese people to accept the "one country, two systems" framework and recognize China as its suzerain in the global community and thus to ultimately destroy Taiwan's sovereignty", the ministry said Friday.

Most countries recognize Beijing today, and China has been ratcheting up diplomatic and economic pressure to woo the remaining ones since Tsai took office in 2016.

China was trying to "suppress and reduce Taiwan's global presence" and "ultimately destroy Taiwan's sovereignty", Wu said. Previous year alone, El Salvador, Burkina Faso and the Dominican Republic all announced they would no longer recognize Taipei.

"Kiribati ending diplomatic ties with Taiwan demonstrates a need for urgent action", said Gardner, who is the chairman of Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on East Asia, the Pacific, and global cybersecurity policy.

Taiwan and mainland China have been governed separately since they split in 1949 amid a civil war.

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The Kiribati president's office and China's foreign ministry did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

On Monday, Taiwan launched it became reducing ties with one more Pacific nation - the Solomon Islands - after discovering out its cabinet had voted in favour of changing its diplomatic recognition to Beijing.

Wu told reporters that Taiwan regretted and "strongly condemns" Kiribati's decision, which he added disregarded years of "assistance and friendship" between the two governments.

"China's active campaign to alter the cross-Strait status quo, including by enticing countries to discontinue diplomatic ties with Taiwan, are harmful and undermine regional stability".

"They have only one goal, that is to sway the outcome of the presidential election", she told a news conference on.

A mother in New Taipei City carries her child January 2 past a television showing Chinese President Xi Jinping making a speech commemorating the 40th anniversary of a message sent to Taiwan in 1979.

"The hoped-for psychological impact on the Taiwanese population has been diminishing with every ally stolen and as Taiwanese realise that in the end, it's the large, democratic and influential countries - like the US, Japan, Germany - along with a number of middle powers, that truly matter to Taiwan's survival", he said.