Samsung cancels all Galaxy Fold pre-orders — Surprise


Now that Samsung has re-introduced the Galaxy Fold, with availability expected to happen in a few short weeks in the United States, all of those original pre-orders from the April launch have been cancelled.

Early today, Samsung announced the official re-launch of the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung has confirmed that its delayed Galaxy Fold will finally go on sale on Friday in South Korea, and other countries in the weeks that follow.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Fold offers a 4.6-inch cover display and 7.3-inch display when unfolded.

But the design tweaks aren't the only thing that's new about the Galaxy Fold.

Some outlets say it's also meant to address the crease that ran along the Fold's screen, but some outlets say the crease is still there.

Samsung has said the composite polymer screen can be opened and closed 200,000 times, or 100 times a day for five years.

Specs-wise it is pretty much the same, although countries, where 5G networks are available, are lucky enough to get the Galaxy Fold enabled for next-gen gigabit speeds.

A Samsung Electronics Galaxy Fold is seen on display during a media event in Seoul South Korea
A Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Fold is seen on display during a media event in Seoul South Korea

The Fold now also features additional reinforcements to better protect the device from external particles while maintaining its signature foldable experience.

The delay was a setback for Samsung and for the broader smartphone market, which had been looking to folding screens as one way to catalyse innovation in the industry.

The electronics giant is in the news again after reports broke out that Samsung is all set to launch a new smartphone which would be compatible with blockchain tech.

Samsung also announced that anyone who buys a Fold will have access to "specialised customer care services", including 24-hour support and access to one-on-one time with Samsung experts.

Samsung's improved Galaxy Fold: What's changed? Several early reviewers discovered that the display could be rendered useless with relative ease, either because of tiny debris that could make its way into the phone or because of user ignorance.

After just one or two days of use, users said the display began to flicker and turn black before becoming completely unusable. Some had peeled a plastic film off the internal 7.3-inch display, thinking that it was merely a protective coating that was supposed to be removed.

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) citing people familiar with the plans on September 5, the latest edition of Samsung's new Galaxy Note 10 will feature a cryptocurrency wallet - and free coins. Some reviewers peeled the protective layer off the Galaxy Fold's screen, which resulted in malfunctioning screens. However, during a review period in mid-April, technological issues were raised.

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