Robert De Niro drops f-bomb on critics of anti-Trump stance


The actor appeared on CNN's Reliable Sources Sunday morning to discuss backlash he's received from Fox News for speaking out against Donald Trump.

De Niro told Brian Stelter that Trump is worse than he ever could've imagined, crediting news outlets like CNN and The New York Times for their reporting in "a insane world".

"F*** 'em", De Niro replied.

De Niro's criticism of Trump on CNN is hardly his first foray into publicly insulting the president.

"This is cable, so it's not an FCC violation, but it still is a Sunday morning", host Stelter commented.

When asked to clarify, De Niro said, "Possibly medically, too".

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It was noted at the top of the show that De Niro played former Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller on last season's Saturday Night Live.

"Sorry, sorry", De Niro added. Just - well, Bill Maher a couple of weeks ago said that he - it's going to be hard getting him out of the White House, especially if he wins marginally - if he loses marginally. "I can't believe that they would actually buy into this craziness".

"This guy should not be President, period", the star of The Irishman explained.

"Let me say something - we are in a moment in our lives where this guy is like a gangster", he said.

De Niro dismissed Stelter's suggestion earlier in the segment Sunday that Trump would somehow resign from his position in the White House as a CT newspaper group proposed this past week. He's come along, and he's said things, done things. We're in a awful situation. This is awful. We're in a bad situation.