No more e-cigarettes at Walmart


Walmart announced Friday that they will stop selling e-cigarettes, amid the growing cases of severe lung illness linked to vaping across the U.S. Official said that vaping was the most likely cause, however they have not yet been able to confirm.

"This particular case was hospitalized in August of this summer, began Richidt".

"I am concerned with the recent incidents of vaping related illnesses, as well as the high rates of vaping we are seeing among Saskatchewan youth". "He started out with shortness of breath and it rapidly progressed and deteriorated, developing into what is called acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)". "We have to realize that smoking has been going on for decades, the risk factors are well described, while vaping may be considered for existing smokers a potentially less harmful alternative, certainly the short and long term effects of vaping are not well described". Eight people have died, two of them in California. They said Thursday that they have not yet been able to pinpoint the issue.

More than 500 people have been diagnosed with breathing illnesses after using e-cigarettes and other vaping devices, according to USA health officials. E-cigarette companies have been accused or producing devices and flavours that may be particularly appealing to younger people who may not otherwise have tried tobacco products. Investigators had previously mentioned finding vitamin E acetate in some samples, but lab tests show a "mix of results", Zeller said, and no one ingredient, including vitamin E, has shown up in all of the samples. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it had launched a criminal probe into the situation.

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"But first we need to know who and why they acted like that", Mr Le Drian said, adding that the Houthi claims lacked credibility. Iran denies being responsible and has warned any retaliatory attack targeting it will result in an "all-out war".

CDC states that all patients reported using e-cigarette products in the weeks and months prior to becoming ill. "We're in the middle of an epidemic and we're trying to learn what we can while we're here and get that information out as quickly as possible".

Gregory Conley, the industry-financed group's president, said in a declaration, You realize you are in a sentimental hysteria when huge organizations like Walmart discover it is simpler to sell deadly combustible tobacco items than to sell harm decrease options.

Canadian convenience store operator Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. said earlier this week that if policy-makers take draconian measures against e-cigarettes, they could lose control over the quality of the supply chain and end up feeding the black market.