New round of US-China trade tariffs worth $200 billion takes effect


"We'll see what happens", he told reporters as he returned to the White House from the Camp David presidential retreat.

China, in turn, has retaliated by imposing additional tariffs on the US goods, with $75 billion target list. Deal would get MUCH TOUGHER!' the president tweeted.

No date has been set for a visit by Chinese officials to Washington, although Trump said Sunday that meetings set for later this month are still a go.

The Chinese government's narcotics vice-commissioner has rejected claims from US authorities and President Donald Trump that China is the main source of fentanyl to the United States.

The Wall Street woes were largely attributed to 15% tariffs that the Trump administration slapped on more than $100 billion of Chinese exports, which went into effect on Sunday.

The additional tariffs affected a portion of the $300 billion in goods from the Asian giant that so far had been spared.

Liu noted Tuesday that USA fentanyl deaths continue to rise despite increasingly strict controls on the Chinese side, which he said was an indication that the drugs were not coming from China. The US Trade Representative announced in May a list of products to receive a 10% tariff, which included phones, laptops and game consoles.

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"The Trump administration has shot Americans in the foot".

According to a survey released last month by the U.S.

Trump could end up as a loser too, since much of his trade policy has been built on the idea that he was going to revitalize USA manufacturing. It expressed hopes the US can return to normal bilateral trade, based on "fairness" and "mutual respect", rather than "continuing conflict".

The Chinese side has reported 383 pieces of information of fentanyl-related parcels to USA drug enforcement agencies since 2012, while the U.S. side reported only six clues related to fentanyl trafficking to China during the period, he said.

Trump is using a combination of tariffs and negotiations to pressure China into reducing its trade surplus with the U.S. and carry out structural reforms.

In addition to tariffs, personal income growth in also showing signs of slowing. China has previously said it doesn't want to fight this war, but it's not afraid to fight. All told, more than two-thirds of the consumer goods the United States imports from China now face higher taxes.

Amid the newest spherical of tariff will increase between the 2 global locations final month, Mr Trump blasted China in a Twitter thread through which he vowed to order all postal carriers to "SEARCH FOR & REFUSE all deliveries of fentanyl from China (or anywhere else!)". The AFL-CIO is the largest federation of unions in the US."It has to address currency rebalancing, it has to have a long-term slant to good jobs in this country".