Michelle Carter Denied Parole, Will Continue Serving Prison Time in Texting Death


"Release does now not meet the true identical old", the board acknowledged in regards to the Plainville girl, who used to be convicted in 2017 of involuntary manslaughter and is serving a 15-month sentence for the 18-year-ancient man's loss of life in 2014.

Carter was found guilty in 2017 of involuntary manslaughter in the death three years earlier of Roy, who was 18 when he killed himself in his vehicle.

Carter texted Roy to get back in the vehicle after he had second thoughts about killing himself by filling his pickup truck with carbon monoxide.

Her defense team further argued at trial and in her appeal that Carter's statements were covered by First Amendment free-speech protections, and that she shouldn't be found guilty for a crime through words alone, especially when she wasn't on the scene where Roy died.

Michelle Carter, the young woman convicted of encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself, had her request for parole rejected by a MA state board.

Carter, 22, appeared today before the state Parole Board to seek release after serving seven months of her 15-month jail sentence.

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The Massachusetts Parole Board denied Carter's request for an early release on Thursday.

Carter's attorneys declined to comment Friday. "Ms. Carter's self-serving statements and behavior, leading up to and after his suicide, appear to be irrational and lacked sincerity", the board's decision states.

"Did not provide sufficient insight into reason for lack of empathy at time of crime and surrounding time period". He added that his client also was struggling with mental health issues at the time Roy III committed suicide. "Her original date was in May, and now I believe as of this morning she has earned enough that she could get out in the middle of March".

Both teens had struggled with depression, and Roy had made previous attempts at suicide. "By no means is she a danger to society". "To that end, we have filed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court". Roy took his own life on July 12, 2014 by carbon monoxide poisoning.

'Drink bleach. Why don't you just drink bleach? Carter then told him to "get back" in the vehicle, the report said. "You just gotta do it babe, you can't think about it", she said at 5 p.m. Conrad killed himself a few hours later. "You're fine, it's gonna be okay".

"You're not joking about this or bullshitting me, right?"