Miami mayor to sign emergency declaration despite Dorian's projected path


Only one in five Florida nursing homes plans to rely on deliveries of temporary generators to keep their air conditioners running if Dorian knocks out power, a state agency said on Friday, short of the standard set by a law passed after a dozen people died in a sweltering nursing home after 2017's Hurricane Irma. The unnamed Category 5 hurricane crashed ashore along Florida's Gulf Coast on September 2.

The threat of unsafe storm conditions is not just limited to Florida.

At 11 a.m. Saturday, Dorian was less than 640 miles southeast of Charleston, chugging west at 8 mph and packing maximum sustained winds of 150 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Hurricane Dorian has grown in strength and size, turning into a major Category 4 storm and posing an ever-greater threat to the crowded USA metropolitan areas of South Florida. And it could be the strongest hurricane to strike Florida's east coast since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, CNN Meteorologist Brandon Miller said.

Colonial Pipeline, which delivers fuels such as petrol and diesel from the Gulf Coast to markets across the southern and eastern U.S., said it was operating normally.

Dorian has become an "extremely dangerous" Category 4 hurricane, forecasters said.

As Dorian, now a powerful category 4 hurricane, barrels toward Florida, critics of the president voiced their wish that Trump's Palm Beach resort suffers a direct hit.

As of 5 a.m. Saturday, the Category 4 storm was 305 miles (490 kilometers) east of the northwestern Bahamas and 470 miles (755 kilometers) east of West Palm Beach, Florida.

"Even if there isn't a center of the storm over mainland Tuesday night. the effects of the storm near landfall (are) still very risky", Shackelford said.

Ron DeSantis (R) has declared a state of emergency for several counties in the hurricane's path. He told reporters that "Mar-a-Lago can handle itself" and that he is more anxious about Florida.

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"Looking at these forecasts, a bump in one direction or the other could have really significant ramifications in terms of impact". Major airlines began allowing travelers to change reservations without fees.

Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian began rerouting their cruise ships. "We're all still praying that it turns, but if it doesn't we'll be ready", Taylor said.

No counties have issued any evacuation orders days before Dorian's expected arrival. According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), a "notable change" to the storm's path occurred overnight. Some gas stations had run out of fuel. Public safety officials announced that they won't be opening emergency shelters Saturday afternoon.

At a Publix supermarket in Cocoa Beach, Ed Ciecirski of the customer service department said the pharmacy was extra busy with people rushing to fill prescriptions.

"I just moved here, so I'm lost", she said with a blank expression on her face, after grabbing a couple of water bottles from a scantily stocked shelf.

This storm is flat-out very bad and will likely slow or stall north of the Bahama's.

Forecasters expect Dorian, which packed 150 miles per hour winds, to hit the northwestern part of the Bahamas on Sunday before curving upward.

Coastal areas could get 15 to 30 centimetres of rain, with 46 centimetres in some places, triggering life-threatening flash floods, the hurricane centre said.

Florida Power & Light said it has nearly 5,000 workers ready for the storm and that it was working to get additional crews to help customers who lose power.