Israel votes in second general election this year


Supporters of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu march at the Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem on September 13, 2019.

Polls suggest Netanyahu won't be able to form another coalition without Lieberman's support. "In short, he will be free to break Israeli democracy, which has survived wars, contentious elections and the assassination of a prime minister", Verter writes in the front-page analysis.

"In the coming days we will convene negotiations to assemble a strong Zionist government and to prevent a unsafe anti-Zionist government", he said.

'We're working with elections officials around the world to help ensure the integrity of the elections, ' the company told the Times of Israel.

According to Israeli election rules, no election campaign activity is allowed just before or on Election Day.

Final results are expected Wednesday and could still swing in Netanyahu's favour.

All 120 seats in the Knesset, Israel's parliament, are up for grabs.

If polls are accurate, it could be hard for Netanyahu or Gantz to secure a parliamentary majority without Lieberman's support.

Ex-defence minister Avigdor Lieberman, Netanyahu's former right-hand man turned rival, could play a kingmaker role with his campaign to "make Israel normal again".

The closely-fought elections will decide whether Netanyahu will make it to a record-breaking fifth term or end his decade-long dominance in Israeli politics.

So when circumstances meant she was forced to take on the shaggy brown and white three-year-old, she named the dog "Bibi", the widely used nickname for Netanyahu, whom she brands a "dictator".

"We can bring about a historic achievement", he said.

"Starting tonight we will work to form a broad unity government that will express the will of the people", he said.

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Rivlin's selection will then have up to six weeks to form a coalition.

After a victor is chosen, he will have 42 days to form a coalition government.

Netanyahu, Asa-El said, "has always divided the electorate into "theirs" and "ours".

The parties do differ on domestic issues, particularly whether to include ultra-Orthodox religious parties in a governing coalition.

Almost all the major papers outline various coalition predictions if Netanyahu or his main rival Benny Gantz gets first crack, and all agree that the outcome will be determined in large part by voter turnout. He said the answer was for that his constituents "must be first-class voters on the way to becoming first-class citizens". It takes us inwards, into the heart of the Israeli soul, into the public's fears, hopes, needs and aspirations.

Should he fail to win re-election Tuesday, Netanyahu faces potential legal consequences - over accusations of fraud, bribery and breach of trust from three former confidants. Netanyahu is due to face a pre-trial hearing in October to argue against the charges being filed. Gantz tried to paint Netanyahu as divisive and scandal-plagued, offering himself as a calming influence and honest alternative.

Trump and Netanyahu spoke by phone last weekend and also discussed the possibility of a mutual defense treaty.

The prime minister has also waged a scare campaign that critics say demonizes the country's Arab minority and accuses his opponents of conspiring with Arab politicians to "steal" the election. However, visitors to Netanyahu's Facebook page on Election Day found polling information there, in violation of the law.

Last Thursday, the chat bot was suspended for 24 hours after it was found to have violated Facebook's hate-speech policy.

Netanyahu has announced a plan to annex more than 30 percent of the occupied West Bank despite worldwide criticism, apparently to appease his supporters.

The proposal sparked a cascade of worldwide condemnation, including from Europe and Saudi Arabia, an influential Arab country that has quiet, unofficial ties with Israel.

He repeatedly warned, as he has in previous elections, that left-wing and Arab voters were showing up in large numbers to vote him out, appearing on Facebook live to do so. After casting his ballot, the leader of the main Arab faction in parliament, Ayman Odeh, said Netanyahu was "obsessive" in his incitement toward Arabs.

That person is usually the leader of the party that wins the most seats, but if Rivlin thinks this person is unlikely to garner enough support from smaller parties to control at least 61 seats of the Knesset, he may give the task to someone else.