Iran Rules Out Rouhani-Trump Meeting at UN


Iranian officials have repeatedly rejected a meeting and any talks with Washington while Iran is subject to sanctions, which Trump re-imposed after withdrawing previous year from Tehran's 2015 nuclear accords with world powers. If they want to meet, I'll meet.

"There is no such program on our agenda, and the meeting will not happen in New York", Mousavi stressed.

That corrective followed an appearance by counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, who kept the possibility alive even after Saturday's drone attack on Saudi oil facilities.

Tensions between Tehran and Washington have spiked following a weekend attack on major oil sites in Saudi Arabia that the United States said Iran was responsible for.

Q: "So, Secretary Pompeo, for clarity on this, can you foresee a meeting between President Trump and the Iranian leader later this month surrounding the United Nations?". Trump said certain conditions had to be met for talks with the Iranians.

However, the U.S. has said it will remain open for talks with Iran.

"Initial investigation indicates that the weapons used in the attack are Iranian".

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"If we yield to their pressure and hold talks with Americans".

September 10, 2019: Appearing together at a press briefing, Mnuchin and Pompeo said within moments of each other that Trump was willing to meet with Iran with "no pre-conditions".

Trump explained Monday that sanctions won't be taken off Iran as a requirement for talks, and that's what he meant when he declared "no preconditions".

"According to Iranian state TV on Tuesday, ".

The US has gradually increased the strength and number of the sanctions on Iran since its withdrawal from the nuclear deal as part of a campaign of "maximum pressure".

With support from the US, Saudi Arabia has been leading since March 2015 a military coalition fighting the Houthi rebels in support of Yemen's internationally recognised government.