Harriet Harman: I’m standing for speaker job


Members of Parliament will have no further opportunity to vote on any early elections until the end of the suspension period, which means that elections can not be held until at least late November.

In general elections, Sir Lindsay would still stand for election in Chorley. Johnson returned to Parliament on Monday with the same request.

U.K. House of Commons Speaker John Bercow says he will step down by the end of next month after a decade in the job.

Late into the night, MPs also burst into song on the Commons benches, singing traditional Welsh and Scottish songs.

A government source said: 'No one in this Government will be rushing to give Bercow a peerage. "This is not a standard or normal prorogation", he said.

The decision to prorogue was entirely in the hands of the government, although there have been failed attempts via the courts to stop it.

He said: "The role of Speaker is vital to our democracy".

The suspension of Parliament, known in Westminster jargon as Prorogation, has been a controversial move among anti-Brexit campaigners who believe the move has been engineered to minimise their ability to present Britain leaving the European Union at the end of October. "And whatever you do when you finally step down from Parliament, you do so with the thanks of a very large number of people", added Corbyn.

But Bercow has not only enabled parliament to challenge the government's position on Brexit, he has entertained and thrilled us with his oratory and wit.

But Boris Johnson is planning to exact revenge on Mr Bercow for his "bias" over Brexit by denying him a seat in the Lords.

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"By his own logic, he must now back an election".

Signs with "silenced" written on them were held by some Labour MPs and Green MP Caroline Lucas.

And he said the prime minister was suspending Parliament to avoid discussions of his plans.

One MP jokingly asked if he had been offered a peerage.

The prime minister's self-imposed Halloween Brexit deadline looks further out of reach than a few short days ago.

However, his interventions in Brexit debates have prompted accusations from his former colleagues that he is biased both against the Conservative government and Brexit itself.

His announcement was greeted with applause from all sides of the legislature, and a standing ovation from opposition benches.

After the vote, a government spokesman said it would "consider the implications and respond in due course".

Johnson responded by calling for early elections.