Friday the 13th full moon may have orange glow at times


The superstitious might worry about tomorrow's full moon falling on a Friday the 13th.

"If you live in the Eastern Time Zone, the moment the Moon turns full will occur just after midnight - at 12.33 am - on Saturday 14".

Another Friday the 13th looms, and, for the first time in years, there's a full moon along with it.

The moon in Australian skies will reach 98 per cent illumination pn the evening of Friday the 13th. NASA says the moon will appear full again Saturday night into Sunday morning. And don't forget to look in the sky in the early morning, when the moon is setting.

This is considered a split time zone moon and last happened on June 13, 2014.

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, what makes the big day even more special is there won't be another another Friday the 13 with a full harvest moon for a whopping 30 years; the next one will take place it on August 13, 2049. However, the term Harvest Moon - thought to be called so because it helps farmers work late into the night under the moonlight - applies to the full moon that's nearest to the Fall Equinox.

A micromoon is the opposite of a "supermoon" and will appear around 14 percent smaller in the sky. That's because it's almost at apogee, the Almanac reports.

Not only is this a Harvest Moon, but it's also a Micro Moon; the name given to a moon that is farthest away in its elliptical path as it orbits Earth.

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Why is it called a "harvest moon"?

"Moonrise and moonset is always more spectacular than a full moon, because you've got this glowing ball low down on the horizon, and it looks bigger - the optical illusion makes it look bigger". The next harvest moon on a Friday the 13th will be sometime after 2049, he said. This means, it typically coincides with the September full moon but it can occasionally occur around the October full moon as well.

When is the Harvest Moon?

RED MORE: What is the meaning behind the Harvest Moon name?

The arrival of the Harvest Moon, and soon of Orion, are sure signs that fall is coming. It later was recorded by many different singers, including Ruth Etting in 1931, Kate Smith in 1933, The Four Acres in 1955, and Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney in 1960, according to BING magazine.

A Super Blue Blood Moon rises behind the Camlica Mosque on January 31, 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey. So any full moon looks really spectacular.

Most years, the October full moon is known as the "hunter's moon", and this year it will be at its fullest phase on Oct. 13, two weeks before Halloween.