Death toll from Taliban blast in Kabul reaches 16


The New York Times reported that the withdrawal would be the beginning of all 14,000 us troops in the country. "For this to happen, there is a strong argument that presidential elections planned for September should go forward", the ambassadors wrote.

While almost 59 percent of American adults and 58 percent of veterans say the war in Afghanistan was not worth fighting, there are already plenty of signs that some within the establishment may push back on the nascent deal. "No one speaks with certainty".

A USA official with Khalilzad's negotiation team recently said that "any potential peace deal will not be based on blind trust, but will instead contain clear commitments that are subject to our monitoring and verification". There is no history of trust. USA officials have said previously that the name would identify the Taliban as a political party.

That may explain why Pompeo is declining to put his name on the deal.

Khalilzad informed TOLOnews the United States of America is not going to settle for a go back of the Taliban's strict Islamic governing gadget, and stated the Trump management desires a central authority to be shaped after the intra Afghan peace talks that might be agreed upon through all Afghans.

A Taliban vehicle bomb late on Monday close to a housing compound used by worldwide organisations in the Afghan capital Kabul killed at least 16 people and wounded 119, officials said as emergency workers began cleanup operations. Pompeo's office declined to comment.

Then in the 1990s, after the Taliban secured control over the country, Khalilzad was employed as an adviser to the oil giant Unocal, which was seeking a deal to run a natural gas pipeline across the country from the Caspian Basin to Pakistan, seeking to negotiate with the Islamist government and secure U.S. recognition for it. #NATO fully supports efforts to achieve peace in #Afghanistan.

The United States is set to pull troops from five Afghan bases under a proposed deal with the Taliban, the USA envoy leading talks with the group said in some of the first confirmed details of a much-anticipated accord.

On Monday, Khalilzad stated the Afghan govt were consulted on all sides of the talks, together with the withdrawal of the US forces, counterterrorism assurances and a ceasefire. The World Bank has already worked on plans to aid a post-conflict Afghanistan, but it will need funds.

It is "not clear whether peace is possible", nine former high-ranking US officials, including a former deputy secretary of state, warned in a September 3 letter distributed by the Atlantic Council.

Afghas stand near the site of Monday's suicide bomb attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2019.

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Rahimi says five attackers were shot and killed by security forces.

Some analysts also have warned that some factions of the Taliban might be expressing displeasure with the United States deal, though Taliban political leaders at the talks in Qatar have insisted that their tens of thousands of fighters would respect whatever agreement is reached.

Despite a campaign promise to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, Trump has shifted. Trump said last week the troop total would be reduced to 8,600 initially, with further decisions to follow.

Any peace must be built from the bottom up in a society that has evolved since a USA -led invasion ousted the Taliban in 2001 and diminished the Al Qaeda presence that led to the 9/11 attacks.

Trump has made little secret of his desire to bring the 14,000 USA troops home from Afghanistan, where American troops have been deployed since a US -led campaign overthrew the Taliban in 2001. The draft refers to the Taliban by its preferred name, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. They also include John Negroponte, the former deputy secretary of state and the first ever U.S. director of national intelligence. "Hopefully they must understand that by now".

The militants now control more territory than at any time since the 2001 U.S. invasion and have so far refused to talk to the Afghan government, whom they deride as American puppets. Publicly, Ghani has tentatively, though not officially, embraced the deal.

Zalmay Khalilzad, who has spent about a year negotiating with the Taliban, said on Monday the draw-down would take place within about four months of a final deal being approved - provided the Taliban stick to their commitments.

Vassily Nebenzia said Moscow had "quite helpful and productive" consultations wit Washington on Afghanistan during a news conference while assuming the UN Security Council presidency. The 15-person delegation includes three women, but the names won't be announced until just before the talks begin, Afghan officials said.

However, it was Afghan civilians who paid the highest price. Locals set fire to tyres and blocked a main road, demanding foreigners leave the area for good.

Says the Afghan official who participated in the briefings with Khalilzad: "If the USA decides to leave, we can't stop them".