Corbyn joins Scottish rally against suspension of Parliament


The "do not prorogue Parliament" petition, created by Mark Johnston on 15 August 2019, says prorogation can only take place if Brexit is cancelled or if the exit deadline is extended.

Doherty said that while he isn't satisfied there's a "cogent need" for an interim injunction against Parliament's suspension, it's "in the interest of justice that this proceeds sooner rather than later".

She told the crowds: "We can not allow Boris Johnson to shut down Parliament and to shut down the voice of ordinary British people". "People are right to take to the streets - and I encourage everyone to join the demonstrations in London and across the country tomorrow".

The "backstop" insurance policy, part of the withdrawal agreement negotiated between the European Union and Britain's former prime minister and which aims to keep the border with Ireland open, has become the main sticking point in negotiations. Brexit! When do we want it?

"Most importantly, far from proroguing Parliament beyond Brexit and forcing "no deal", it is now guaranteed that Parliament will debate and vote on whatever new deal emerges from the EU Council on October 17".

He said in a letter to the Parliamentary Labour Party that "no-one voted for Boris Johnson's shutdown of democracy".

SCOTTISH COURT A group of about 70 lawmakers from opposition parties have backed a bid to have Scotland's highest civil court rule that Johnson can not suspend, parliament before Britain leaves the European Union on October 31.

Three legal challenges were launched in an effort to block the move, including one by anti-Brexit activist Gina Miller.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said that as soon as Parliament returns from its summer break, his party would initiate a process to legislate against a no-deal Brexit that he said would be damaging for the jobs and the economy. Could the Prime Minister tell us what upgrading means?

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A government spokesperson said: "All options for party management are under consideration, but first and foremost the PM hopes MPs will deliver on the referendum result and back him on Parliament". The EU and Ireland say Britain has yet to come up with acceptable alternatives.

"Leadership should be about healing divisions and not accentuating them", he said.

But some ministers were clearly concerned about political developments in London.

"I'm anxious", Asselborn said. "It's a way of proceeding in democracy that doesn't quite conform to the rules", Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said. "A no-deal is a catastrophe".

The UK is now set to leave the European Union on 31 October and MPs opposed to a no-deal scenario have pledged to try and push forward legislation to prevent such an outcome. Two meetings are set for next week.

On the Labour side, shadow attorney general Baroness Chakrabarti said: "My own soundings and those of colleagues in discussions over the last couple of days, in particular since the constitutional outrage, give me greater comfort that minds are now focused, especially on the Conservative side".

"I think for Sir Oliver and others to try to stymie that is entirely counter-productive", he told Today.

"It can't simply be this notion that "look, we must have the backstop removed and we will solve this problem in the future negotiation" without any credible way of doing that", he said.

The government meanwhile is ramping up preparations in case of no-deal.