Chandrayaan-2 ready for Moon landing


Soon after 'Vikram's nudge to the threshold position, Dr Sivan speaking exclusively to this newspaper, said: "We have done all the tests and simulations to achieve a ideal landing on September 7".

Insisting that the enormity of flood-related damages in the state warranted maximum aid from the Centre, Karnataka Chief Minsiter B S Yediyurappa had recently said, he would apprise the situation to Prime Minister Modi during his Bengaluru visit on September seven.

Amita Chauhan, chairperson, Amity International Schools, said it was a proud moment for entire school with one of its students getting ISRO invitation to watch India's ambitious moon mission Chandrayaan2 landing on the surface of moon along with the prime minister.

A successful landing will make India the fourth country after Russian Federation, the U.S. and China to achieve a soft landing on the moon.

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A couple of hours after "Vikram's" touchdown, "Pragyan", the six-wheeled robotic rover, will roll out of the lander and probe the lunar soil for new chemicals, minerals, water, and study the phenomenon of seismic activity for one lunar day (14 days on terra firma). It separated from Chandrayaan-2 orbiter on Monday afternoon with the mothership now in a different orbit at 96 Km X 125 Km. "Only on-board cameras would look for the right location and once it matches, there are five rocket engines which will precisely control by first reducing the speed and then making it virtually float at that point and have some lateral movement in such a way that it goes just to the location, slowly guide it to the landing site", Nair explained in an interview to PTI.

Online space quiz for the students of class 8 - 10 was conducted by ISRO in coordination with from August 10 to 25, 2019 to increase awareness about space programs.

The students were selected on a pan-India space on-line quiz organised by ISRO, official sources said. The rover carries two payloads to enhance the understanding of the lunar surface. It will make contact with the lunar surface between 1:30 am and 2:30 am on September 7, 2019.