Apple Announces Their Participation In New Health Studies


Next, there's the Women's Health Study, which will act as an extension of the already-available period-tracker on the Apple Watch, using the collected data to look at the "bigger picture" and expand the potential capabilities of the app.

Next, the Apple Women's Health Study will assess how menstrual-cycle monitoring can interact with infertility and osteoporosis diagnostics.

Apple has teamed with a number of academic institutions and organizations for these new studies, including Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the National Institutes of Health, the University of Michigan, World Health Organization, and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

Apple's previous heart-focused study canvassed more than 400,000 people in the US over just eight months, searching for irregular heart rhythms that may be linked to atrial fibrillation by using the smartwatch's pulse rate tracker.

The heart and movement study will partner with Brigham and Women's Hospital and the American Heart Association (AHA) on a comprehensive study that measures how heart rate and mobility, like walking pace and flights of stairs climbed, relate to hospitalizations, falls and heart health in order to promote improved cardiovascular health and movement. The study, a first of its kind, will use the Noise app on the Apple Watch to see the impacts of exposure to everyday sounds to the human ear. We'll keep you posted on any additional happenings from the studies, and other initiatives Apple takes on. The results of the Apple Hearing Study will also be shared with the World Health Organization (WHO) and its Make Listening Safe initiative, according to the company. "This carries our commitment to health even further by engaging with participants on a larger scale than ever before".

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Apple has been focused on developing new technology related to health for some time. That study found that the Apple Watch's ability to detect an irregular heart rhythm (atrial fibrillation) was accurate 84 percent of the time.

Finally, the Apple Heart and Movement Study will attempt to discern the correlation between heart rate/movement and hospitalizations. As the Apple Heart Study demonstrates, not conflating the fact that Apple simply did a study, with what the study actually proved, will be crucial in evaluating the importance of the research and of the Apple Watch in the future.

The new study of Apple has covered the following new studies such as mobility, women's health, and hearing. Around 400,000 people participated in the study.

Concerns were also raised about whether the Apple Watch would flag people as having heart rate irregularities when those people had nothing wrong with their health, Business Insider reported. Apple used the ResearchKit to create the Apple Heart Study.