UK Announces Fast-Track Visa to Recruit Top Scientists


The advisers received an email on Thursday from Boris Johnson's chief of staff Edward Lister saying that they can not take any holiday until after the date that Britain is due to leave the European Union due to "serious work to be done", it was reported yesterday.

The Labour leader is concerned the United Kingdom could leave the European Union without a deal on October 31, the scheduled exit date, while the country is in the middle of an election campaign.

The disclosure is likely to be seen as a further attempt to ratchet up pressure on the European Union, driving home the message that the Government is serious about leaving at the end of October, with or without a deal.

Pro-Leave MPs said Parliament has passed legislation setting Britain's withdrawal date for 31 October; therefore the decision has already been taken and there is no need for further action.

And Chancellor Sajid Javid said he is not "frightened" at the prospect of no deal, insisting the British economy would eventually come out stronger.

"We are well prepared (for no deal) and I hope the British are too".

Corbyn said that would be "an unprecedented, unconstitutional and anti-democratic abuse of power".

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"I don't at all, I think it would be an absolute disaster and politically for my party would see us out of office for two decades, I think". The worry is that once the United Kingdom leaves the European Union (EU), scientists and technicians from EU countries will no longer get automatic rights to live and work in the United Kingdom and will need to navigate Britain's current visa process, which is slow and expensive.

Corbyn wrote to Mark Sedwill, the cabinet secretary, on Thursday, accusing the prime minister of planning an "unprecedented, unconstitutional and anti-democratic abuse of power", after it was reported that Johnson could hold a general election the day after Brexit.

Mr Umunna's comments come as Jeremy Corbyn has called on Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill to rule that Boris Johnson can not go ahead with a no-deal Brexit if there is a general election.

If the Government loses, under the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act (FTPA), the Commons has 14 days in which to pass a motion of confidence in either Mr Johnson's administration or a new alternative government.

Britain will relax its immigration rules to attract more top scientists after Brexit by seeking to fast-track visas, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday.

Officials said Sir Mark would be reply to Mr Corbyn, but senior Conservatives dismissed the letter as a "political stunt".