Uganda Records First Ebola Death In Second Outbreak


"We are collaborating with the health services of neighbouring Uganda and we will strengthen the sanitary measures here in Kasindi".

The government data showed Ebola deaths reaching 2,006 and cases at 3,004.

Upon confirmation that she has Ebola symptoms, the patient was isolated and transferred to Bwera hospital Ebola Treatment Unit where she is now being managed. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to reporters.

The triaA nine-year-old girl who had travelled from the Democratic Republic of Congo has been found to have Ebola, authorities in Uganda said on Thursday.

Cases of cross-border contamination have so far been rare, however, in part because of stringent screening procedures at official border crossings in Uganda and Rwanda, which border DRC. Borders in the region are often porous, and many people travelling at night use bush paths to cross over.

But at least five other Congolese, including attendants to patients, who shared an ambulance with the sick girl have been identified by Ugandan officials as Ebola contacts.

Uganda has suffered Ebola outbreaks in the past but nothing on the scale of the DR Congo epidemic, which began in August 2018.

An average of 80 people per week are sickened by the virus, with the Congo's North Kivu province being the hardest hit.

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As of 27 August, there have been 2997 cases of Ebola, with 1998 deaths and 893 survivors.

Security issues and political instability in the affected areas remain a concern, making this epidemic more challenging to control than the previous outbreak in West Africa in 2014.

Many people in eastern Congo don't trust doctors and other medics.

In June, a family of Congolese with some sick family members crossed into Uganda via a bush path. She was subsequently isolated and transferred to an Ebola treatment unit.

The girl is the fourth victim diagnosed with Ebola in Uganda, which has been on high alert since past year, to have died from the virus.

"We are fighting literally (along) with all partners on the ground to reach people, to reach contacts, to identify cases as early as possible", World Health Organization spokesman Christian Lindmeier said on Tuesday.

In a statement, the WHO called on countries and NGOs that have offered help to "increase their presence in the field to stop Ebola and to address one of the largest and most complex humanitarian crises in the world".

The WHO declared the epidemic an global health emergency in July - only the fifth outbreak to warrant this status since the system was introduced in 2005.