Small plane lands on Washington state road, shocking drivers


The Washington State Patrol says the single-propeller KR2 aircraft landed Thursday on the street in the city of Parkland, south of Tacoma.

"I thought it was a remote control plane at first", one witness told KCPQ.

Stalling when you're a few thousand feet up in the air is just plain terrifying.

The pilot was forced to land the plane around 8:15 a.m. on Pacific Avenue between 135th and 143rd.

In a moment of heroic bravery, Thompson turned his emergency lights on to block the traffic and helped the aircraft land safely.

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"God, fantastic. a plane comin' down the middle of the road like that".

Thompson, realizing what the aircraft is about to do, used his patrol vehicle to block the road and clear the way for the landing, CNN reports.

The incident could have had a different ending if Washington State Trooper Clint Thompson hadn't been passing by.

Acklam said he was on his way to work from a small airstrip in Yelm when he lost power.

"He had no problem with that little piece of asphalt", Eddie Comeau said, praising Acklam for his flying skills. "It's a good day to be alive", Acklam said.