Ninja, the biggest name in online gaming, is switching streaming platforms


Blevins is the biggest name in online gaming and arguably the most popular "Fortnite" player. In a powerful move, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, who has over 14 million followers on Twitch, will be moving to the competing platform. "I feel like I'm going to get back to the streaming roots, and that's what it's all about". The next Halo game, Halo Infinite, will debut in Holiday 2020.

As Ninja leaves Twitch to reinvent himself and build up his own streaming platform, Bugha has emerged as the site's brightest new star, the World Cup champion. Some loyal fans may even see this as outright betrayal, especially if Twitch is their only platform to watch game streaming.

The financial terms of the deal have not been made public. It is speculated that the streamer would have gotten a pretty hefty pay offer from Mixer to shift his loyalty. He stated in a video posted Thursday he'll be streaming exclusively on Microsoft's Mixer from now on. He's the most followed gamer on Twitch, although his popularity has slowed. For example, streamers are able to share controller input with viewers such as allowing the viewer to shoot while the streamer drives a tank. On the other hand, Mixer might be the service of Microsoft almighty but during this quarter, it has claimed only 3%, which is around 112 million viewership hours. Dr Disrespect might lead the way in production, with xQc ways ahead for Overwatch specific broadcasters, but both are lagging way behind shroud and Tfue. Analytics firm Streamlabs estimated earlier in 2019 that Mixer has around 69,000 streamers, compared to Twitch's 1.5 million. He was supposed to be what everyone wanted him to be as the face of Twitch, the wholesome multicolor-haired streamer that purposefully held back on profane language to accommodate for his younger audience. Microsoft, in a statement said that they are "thrilled" to get Blevins on the team. "Mixer is a place that was formed around being positive and welcoming from day one, and we look forward to the energy Ninja and his community will bring". Inside 4 hours Thursday afternoon, Ninja's Mixer account already surpassed 100,000 followers. That means Ninja will be streaming for Mixer only. That said, Ninja now has some new freedom. The first streaming session is scheduled for today during the Lollapalooza festival. Ninja, however, can choose when to create a highlight.

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Ninja will also attend broader gaming events throughout the year in support of Mixer.

It could be argued that he has become one of the first streamers to break into the mainstream consciousness, having appeared on the cover of ESPN's magazine and guesting on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Ninja announced the news with a video, which didn't offer much by way of reasons for the move.