New Quinnipiac Poll Shows Troubling Economic News for Trump Reelection Bid


Trump's approval rating fell from net-positive, meaning more people approve than disapprove, to net negative in almost every battleground state, according to a Morning Consult tracking poll.

Trump's approval also plummeted from the positives to the negatives in New Hampshire, Minnesota, Maine, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Arizona, Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina.

A new poll shows that for the first time in President Donald Trump's first term, more Americans believe the economy is worsening than the percentage of Americans who believe the economy is getting better. Bernie Sanders by 14 points, Massachusetts Sen.

Senator Elizabeth Warren similarly earned a wide showing of support against Trump, at 52 percent to 40 percent. Kamala Harris beating Trump 51 - 40 percent;South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg leading with 49 percent to Trump's 40 percent.

Looking ahead to the next Democratic debate in Houston in September, he said that he understands why he has a target on his back but cautioned that Democrats "shouldn't be forming a circular firing squad and shooting" because it only helps Trump.

EPIC-MRA spoke to 600 likely voters in MI about how the state is doing.

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There has not been any recent polling in most other battleground states, but a June Quinnipiac poll showed Trump losing to all four candidates in Florida, a May Quinnipiac poll showed Trump trailing three of the candidates and tied with Harris in Pennsylvania, and a June Firehouse Strategies poll showed Trump trailing Biden, Sanders and Warren in Wisconsin.

Trump continues to advertise a "great" economy despite turbulent markets and demands that his "stock market gains be judged from the day after the election" in 2016 when "the market went up big".

President Trump's strongest case for reelection is arguably the economy - he says so himself. "This compares to a June 11, 2019, poll in which 23 percent of voters said that the national economy is getting worse, 39 percent said it is getting better, and 37 percent said it is staying the same".

"As trade tensions with China dominate the headlines, confidence in the economy is slipping", said Quinnipiac pollster Mary Snow.

Though people believe things may be getting worse, 61% of voters in the poll believe the economy is excellent or good.