LeBron James Blasts NCAA for 'Rich Paul Rule'


Paul made a different path for himself, as he doesn't have a Bachelor's degree or a degree from a law school.

Among Paul's clients is Oklahoma City Thunder rookie Darius Bazley, who had a message to everyone trying to stop his agent. Anthony Davis, Draymond Green (the guy who just got $100 million from the Warriors) and Ben Simmons are among the others.

Paul, who recently brought his Klutch Sports Group under United Talent Agency, began working with James a couple years out of high school. Other criteria include being certified with the NBPA for a minimum of three years and taking an in-person exam at the NCAA Office in Indianapolis.

LeBron James has dubbed the NCAA's new rule the "Rich Paul Rule", because of the bachelor's degree requirement.

The NCAA sent out a memo to agents earlier this week detailing the "launch of the NCAA Agent Certification Application".

"Did the NCAA specifically have Paul in mind when they set these new criteria?"

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Not only does Hazan explain why the rule is bad for young agents, but says it will ultimately hurt the NCAA by driving players out of college basketball. He wrote: "Can't Stop, Won't Stop!"

That led James to tweet out #TheRichPaulRule followed by another tweet accusing an unspecified "They" of being "mad" and "scared".

"In a separate tweet, the National Basketball Association player also wrote "#TheRichPaulRule", to ostensibly communicate suspicion that the NCAA did, in fact, single out Paul with the regulation.

The NCAA attempted to make a major power move in the world of basketball on Tuesday.

Paul, despite being the game's most powerful agent, doesn't boast the typical educational background of most sports agents.