Johnson 'determined to deliver' Brexit referendum claim with £1.8bn NHS pledge


He was tasked to pass on the prime minister's message that the United Kingdom will "work energetically" for a Brexit deal, but any agreement must see the controversial Irish border backstop arrangement "abolished", a United Kingdom spokesperson said.

Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are among the congressmen who have swung behind his premiership in a letter which urged the Prime Minister to "roar" like his political hero Winston Churchill.

Johnson has ramped up preparations for leaving without any agreement.

Bold and blonde, Britain's new Prime minister Boris Johnson has achieved his 40-year-old dream and entered 10, Downing Street.

Writing in the Sunday Times, Mr Johnson praised the "astonishing achievements" of the NHS, but noted the pressures, delays and cancellations facing patients.

Johnson has promised to lead Britain out of the European Union on October 31 with or without a deal but has a working majority of just one after his Conservative Party lost a parliamentary seat on Friday.

BORIS JOHNSON'S newly formed team has given "momentum" to no deal Brexit preparations but may be "a little bit too late", former Director-General of UK Border Force Tony Smith has warned.


"I don't think many on the Irish side appreciate why and how Unionism perceives the backstop as a Trimble is right to suggest that the backstop threatens to change the nature of the relationship within the islands, and so could violate the [Belfast Agreement], but that said, so does Brexit", O'Malley said.

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"He will, of course, be neutral on the administration of government here in Northern Ireland but you shouldn't confuse the two".

The Taoiseach has insisted that any heightened Brexit rhetoric isn't coming from the Irish Government.

"We believe the decisions that have to be made to stand up Stormont while significant are not insurmountable and frankly pale in comparison to the challenges that had to be overcome to secure the Good Friday Agreement". Now there's a lot of things we can do in three years that we haven't really got going on.

And the Nuffield Trust health think-tank said the committed sum will "only be a fraction" of what is needed to upgrade 20 hospitals, as Mr Johnson pledged on his first day as PM.

Mr Cummings has claimed that an election would lead to a Conservative majority. It was shown to ministers but not signed off, meaning it did not represent government policy.

Wrenching the United Kingdom out of the European Union without a deal means there would be no formal transition arrangement to cover everything from post-Brexit pet passports to customs arrangements on the Northern Irish border.

Morrison continued: "We hope that the new Secretary of State will bring new energy to the ongoing effort to restore Stormont and the devolved government in Northern Ireland".