Hot temps and rain chances continue


We may get there again today, and we may also see more showers and storms as a cold front approaches. Showers and storms will help to keep us a little cooler, but highs will still be in the low 90s. With the higher humidity, now add the warmth as temps reach the mid 80s thanks to some sunny breaks through the first half of the day.

It will be partly sunny, humid and in the mid-80s on Tuesday, with the chance of storms rising to 50 percent, the federal forecasters say. Wind: SE 5-10. Low: 75. The rain will drop temperatures to the upper 80s on Friday, but it will remain muggy. Wind: S/SE 10-15. High: 97. Temperatures really heating up, with many spots in the low 90s around the metro area.

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Storms are possible for most of the state Wednesday night with some heavy rains possible.

The National Weather Service forecast includes a 90% chance of rain with scattered showers and thunderstorms the norm across Northeast Ohio. Thunderstorm chances will be higher, thanks to an increase in humidity.