Hezbollah says explosives found in Beirut crashed drone


The Israel Defense Forces later revealed that an Iranian drone team had been spotted near the Golan Heights and published grainy video of the team.

Israeli observers have been keen to point out that hard political realities underlie the recent spate of attacks.

"We know these are drones with a similar range and technical depth as the drones used by Iranians in [other locations in] the Middle East ... they are highly accurate, and are created to explode on impact", he said.

A spate of drone attacks in Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and now Lebanon has raised the spectre of a new era of conflict in the region, due to the ability of stealth-like weapons to penetrate distant battlefields and hit closely guarded targets.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is looking to project strength three weeks before national elections, while Iran has taken a series of provocative actions in recent months aimed at pressuring European nations to provide relief from crippling USA sanctions. The target was said to belong to Iran's Al Quds Force, which is under the command of Iranian Gen. Qassem Suliemani, and is the overseas arm of Iran's Revolutionary Guards. 'If someone rises up to kill you, kill him first.' I have directed that our forces be prepared for any scenario.

Lebanon's President Michel Aoun had said on Monday his country had a right to defend itself after two Israeli drones crashed in Beirut suburbs on Sunday.

In his address to supporters Sunday evening, Nasrallah also spoke about Israel's airstrikes on a target near the Syrian capital Damascus on Saturday, vowing retaliation.

There was no immediate comment from Israel on the strike, which the Lebanese news agency said hit near the village of Qusaya in the eastern Bekaa Valley.

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The Israeli military did not specify the details of its air operations and the targets it had attacked, but Colonel Conricus emphasized the seriousness of the drone strikes by Israel, referring to a telegram channel called Mohammed Imani, in which there was a detailed posting.

"This was a significant plan with significant capabilities that had been planned for a few months", Conricus added.

Nasrallah's pledge to shoot down Israeli aircraft that enter Lebanese airspace is in keeping with the bravado he regularly displays in public addresses, but he will have to weigh his response with the risk of igniting another devastating war. "We will continue to take determined and responsible action against Iran and its proxies for the security of Israel", said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel accused Iran of flying a drone from Syria into its airspace in February 2018.

Recent Israeli strikes in its neighbourhood are a calculated risk, but no matter how controlled, they can quickly spin out of control.


The Lebanese Army opened fire Wednesday evening on at least one Israeli drone hovering over the southern border town of Adaisseh, amid soaring tensions between Israel and Hizbullah.

The incident came just days after an alleged Israeli drone crashed in a Hezbollah stronghold in southern Beirut, landing on the militant group's Beirut media office while another exploded mid-air and crashed nearby.

The Iranian-led forces were planning to launch armed drones at Israeli targets in the coming days, the IDF said.