Google Confirms That Huawei's Mate 30 Won't Have Google Apps


Google has not said whether it has applied for permission to offer its apps to Huawei.

Reuters claims that the "Mate 30" (it's unclear which model) will work on 5G networks.

In brief: The confusion surrounding Huawei's future relationship with Google is continuing after the United States company said the Mate 30 won't launch with its apps and services or official Android. It's possible Huawei could release the Mate 30 series globally without the Play Store or it's possible it could launch the device only in its native China where consumers are used to Android devices without Google services.

If all goes according to plan for Huawei (which it most assuredly isn't), the new phone will be unveiled to the world on September 18.

It also brings into question whether the full version of Android will actually be available on the device or only what is available through an open-source license.

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In other words, when it comes to non-Chinese markets like Australia, the Huawei Mate 30 will nearly certainly be dead on arrival. The Trump Administration signaled several times it would ease sanctions on Huawei, leaving uncertainty about its ability to work with American suppliers of chips and software.

Huawei's flagship phone for this year speculated to come with four rear cameras in a circular camera island with a side LED flash, 40W wired charging, 27W wireless charging, a KIrin 990 chipset, a larger notch and a curvier screen will miss out on using Google's official licensed Android version when it launches this coming month. Otherwise, the brand will simply continue to develop its own operating system and ecosystem.

But analysts say launching without Google's apps in Europe will be a major blow.

We'll have to wait and see how Huawei tackles this particular problem, and hopefully, the company will come up with some solution, because the Mate 30 series of smartphones will most definitely be pretty incredible in every other sense. Huawei has developed its own mobile app store and additive services, and the Chinese market is also very different because of the dominance of WeChat, which for many people has taken over as the de facto operating system.