Galarian Forms, New Villains, and Jobs Revealed for Pokemon Sword & Shield


Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield can complete jobs and grow from the experience.

Two Pokemon Sword and Shield new rivals were showcased in this trailer. Marnie, meanwhile, is a much cooler-looking girl with a rocker aesthetic. Regional forms are back, returning from Sun and Moon, with new Galarian variants.

There was also information about new rivals and villains like the sneering trainer Bede and a new villain team called Team Yell.

"They want nothing more than for Marnie to become Champion, so they try to obstruct other challengers", a press release explained. These are essentially the same concept as Alolan Pokemon with the adorable little creatures from previous games having their own unique look for the region. Galarian Weezing is a poison/fairy dual type that has the ability Levitate, along with a yet-unrevealed second ability. In addition to being able to store your extra Pokemon here, the Rotomi appears to serve a similar objective as job boards in other RPGs, letting you browse through a list of available Poke Jobs. Galarian Linoone will be able to evolve into the brand new, two-legged Obstagoon, who sports the Abilities Guts and Reckless.

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The trailer also revealed the new baddies of the games: Team Yell.

We also get a look at new form-changing Pokemon named Morpeko that can change from Full Belly Mode to Hangry Mode by way of a move called Aura Wheel; using this changes its appearance and its typing.

The games launch for Nintendo Switch on November 15.