EU, UK, Canada oppose Russia's readmission to G7


European Council President Donald Tusk said the previous night that "under no condition" would Russian Federation be invited, but Trump told reporters Sunday the group had a "lively" conversation that could change that.

President George W. Bush's Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove said on Fox News Monday it would be awful "politically" for President Donald Trump to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to the G-7 next year.

He added, "On the other hand I think it would be awful for the president politically to invite them next year, particularly if it's at his club in Doral, to come to the G7 and make it the G8 again over, first of all, the opposition of his partners".

Trump seemed to be drumming up support for the invite days before the summit, saying that it would be " appropriate" to readmit Russian Federation to the group. Following the breakout of the conflict in Ukraine and Russia's reunification with Crimea, President Barack Obama blamed Moscow for a "contravention of worldwide law".

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President Donald Trump's unpredictable America-first approach even before the official start of the summit in southern France. Tusk agreed Britain and Europe would remain close regardless of what happens at the October 31 deadline.

The G7 club - comprising Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States - has also agreed to support a medium-term reforestation plan which will be unveiled at the UN in September, France's Emmanuel Macron and Chile's Sebastian Pinera said at the G7 summit in southwest France. "He's a proud person". Pressed on this by reporters on Monday, Trump replied "I don't do things for political reasons.whether I win or not I have to do the right thing".

Moscow joined the group in 1998 - when the G7 became the G8 - under the presidency of Boris Yeltsin as the West tried to anchor post-Soviet Russia into the global community. The other seven countries instead met in Brussels.

Tusk added it would be better to invite Ukraine as a guest to the next G7 meeting.