Apple Set to Release 'Pro' iPhone, New iPads, Largest MacBook Pro Yet


But Bloomberg's report adds a few new details for the iPhone 11 lineup that haven't been reported before.

The incoming iPad Pro will see similar upgrades to Apple's incoming iPhones, according to the report, gaining upgraded cameras and a faster processor. First, the iPhone 11 Pro line, which is set to replace the iPhone XS and XS Max, will feature video editing enhancements that allow adjustments and filters to be applied live, as the video is being recorded. Video recording capabilities on the Pro models will be given the ability to alter video as its being recorded with effects, colors, reframing, and cropping in real time.

This new MacBook Pro with 16-inch display would be the largest MacBook Pro since the 2012 17-inch display that was discontinued back in 2012.

The 10.2-inch iPad is expected to replace the current 9.7-inch slate, so expect it to have a similar price as the current model, which costs $329 (or $299 for students).

Gurman backs rumors of a new 10.2-inch iPad coming later this year.

Apple is also launching the previously announced Mac Pro and 32-inch XDR Pro Display later this year. Apple is reportedly adding a new component known as matrix co-processor for math-heavy tasks.

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This exclusive accessory was first introduced in 2015 while the second-generation model was released previous year to support new iPad Pro devices.

This new camera array on these Pro models will reportedly allow users to capture ultra-wide angle photos and video as well as photos in an even more enhanced high dynamic range (HDR), now that three photos can be taken at once and digitally merged with enhanced software. They will also feature updated OLED screens but lack 3D Touch and offer enhanced water resistance.

Another notable new feature: A reverse wireless charging system so that a user can power-up the latest AirPods in the optional wireless-charging case by leaving it on the back of the new Pro phones. The new models should hold up better when they're dropped due to new shatter-resistance technology.

New multi-angle Face ID sensor can capture a wider field of view allowing users to unlock the device when it is flat on a table. The new model is likely to have two tweeters (a type of loudspeaker), down from seven in the current HomePod.

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