Amazon says Tesla's solar panels caught fire on one of its buildings


Walmart on the other hand, had already installed the solar panels at around 240 of its stores before the fires happened and, according to the lawsuit against Tesla, the fires in question "originated in the Tesla solar panels".

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Amazon says Tesla solar panels on the roof of one of its warehouses sparked a fire in 2018, adding to the scrutiny of the company's green energy unit following Walmart's damning suit filed last week.

Walmart said Friday that is working on a resolution with Tesla after the retailing giant sued the electric auto company's energy division for installing rooftop solar panels that caught fire. The claims threaten to further erode Tesla's solar business at a time when the company is fighting to gain back market share.

In a joint statement, the companies said they look forward to re-activating the solar panels once all concerns have been addressed.

The fires caused significant damage to Walmart's store merchandise and caused millions of dollars in damage. Yet, how much do you know about Tesla's SolarCity division and the solar panels they produce?

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk first teased plans to build a European factory in 2016, following Tesla's acquisition of local company Grohmann Engineering.

Business Insider reported Thursday that Tesla had launched an effort to replace a faulty connector in some of its solar panel systems through a program known internally as Project Titan.

Amazon doesn't have as many Tesla installations as Walmart does.

Tesla responded to the information Amazon provided via a spokesperson who told Gizmodo that "All 11 Amazon sites with solar from Tesla are generating energy and are proactively monitored and maintained.Last year, there was an isolated event that occurred in an inverter at one of the Amazon sites".

Tesla said in response to the Business Insider story that some connectors manufactured by Amphenol Corp "experienced failures and disconnections at a higher rate than our standards allow".

"We are confident in the robust quality and performance of all of our products", Amphenol said in the statement.