6 cases of e-cigarette, vaping-related illnesses identified in MI


He said health officials are collaborating on draft regulations that would strengthen protections for youth, in particular.

The release says all of the patients have reported vaping in the weeks to months prior to their illness.

Federal and state authorities routinely warn younger people about the harms of vaping, which some research show can later cause them to start smoking cigarettes, although they might additionally help some adults stop smoking.

Dr. Andrew Pipe, a clinician with the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, believes similar cases will be detected in Canada now that Canadian doctors are aware of the problems that have surfaced south of the border.

"Around two-three patients come to me with some kind of vaping-related illness in a week". She says vaping is often seen as a safe alternative to cigarettes.

As of August 23, MDHHS says 203 possible cases of severe respiratory disease associated with e-cigarette use being reported in 23 states.

Health Canada, in a statement, said non-smokers and young people should not vape.

Health officials say the first five people found with the disease were hospitalized. People don't know for sure what is in the solution they are vaping.

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Canada's role should be to keep toxic products from the market, he said, as with alcohol.

The department also attached information from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which has been tracking the illnesses.

Although this is a "significant downward trend" from previous years, Dr Tan says secondhand smoke is much more harmful than e-cigarette emissions. One person in IL has died from respiratory problems.

Among other things, he fears the epidemic is going to result in "a whole new generation of addicts, many of whom will turn to nicotine products".

It's prompted health bodies in the USA and in Australia to remind vapers of the risks but a leading tobacco treatment specialist says e-cigarettes do have a place.

There have been reports of teens vaping an entire pod at one time.

"While all forms of tobacco use cause disease and death, recently a new danger has been linked to "vaping" or "dabbing" (vaping marijuana oils, extracts or concentrates)".

The researchers analyzed data from the U.S. National Youth Tobacco Survey, and found that about one-third of middle and high school students were exposed to vaping aerosols in 2018. North Carolina filed a lawsuit against eight e-cigarette companies for their alleged aggressive marketing that targeted children and lack of appropriate age verification when selling their products, according to a Tuesday announcement from state Attorney General Josh Stein.