White House didn't catch bogus presidential seal onstage for Trump speech


Washington politics watchers did a double take on Thursday at pictures showing Donald Trump in front of a presidential seal manipulated to make the eagle resemble Russia's two-headed version.

Rather than conserving 13 arrows - a reference to the 13 long-established states - the eagle within the doctored seal clutches a neighborhood of golf clubs in its left talon.

President Donald Trump spoke to an adoring crowd of young Republican activists in Washington D.C. on Tuesday at an event hosted by Turning Point USA.

Trump is the 45th president of the United States and has always been accused of being Russia's puppet.

Turning Point USA has not yet responded to requests for comment from USA TODAY.

The two-headed eagle's irregular bounty appears to be like to be to be an ode to the president's neatly-documented like of golf.

In its other talon, a bunch of arrows is substituted for golf clubs - a nod to the inordinate amount of time the USA leader spends on the golf course. A closer examination would reveal that this was an altered seal.

The shield on the bird's chest has hammer-and-sickle symbols on it. In its right talon, the eagle clutches money instead of an olive branch.

‘Ready to visit Pakistan if Imran Khan invites’, says Taliban
First, a convergence of interests has emerged between Islamabad and Washington on both countries' Afghanistan policy. Significantly, the joint statement issued after the Trump-Khan talks at the White House does not mention Kashmir.

Richard Painter, who served as the chief White House ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush from 2005 to 2007, said the president's staff should typically have advance knowledge and command over images and video displayed at events where the president appears.

A representative for the group, Turning Point USA, told the Washington Post that the fake seal was a mistake, the result of a rushed online search.

Two-headed eagles also appear on the flags of Serbia, Albania and Montenegro, but this grunt seal-swap looks prone to reference Russian Federation, as Mr Trump's shut ties to Russian Federation and President Vladimir Putin had been a running story of his presidency.

The image behind Trump was eventually switched to the authentic seal for the majority of his speech, but it remains unclear who was responsible for the fake presidential seal. "I can't figure out who did it yet", the spokesman said, adding that he didn't know where the image had come from.

An audiovisual aide for the conservative student group Turning Point USA was sacked over the gaffe, which is being blamed on a Google Images search gone wrong.

According to Forbes, Trump's golf trips could cost US taxpayers $340 million.

But as Trump stood enjoying the rapturous welcome, no one seemed to notice that there was something subtly different about the presidential seal that was being shown on the screen behind him.