USA sanctions Chinese firm for buying Iranian oil


In a brief statement on its website today, Nam Kwong said Zhuhai Zhenrong had been "officially spun off" since September 30, 2018.

Iran arrested 17 suspects and sentenced some to death after dismantling a Central Intelligence Agency spy ring, an official said on Monday, as tensions soar between the Islamic republic and arch-enemy the United States.

An operation that violates the restrictions imposed by the administration of President Donald Trump, which have become even tighter at the end of the exemptions to some nations.

In May, the USA ended waivers that had allowed some countries, including China, to keep buying some Iranian crude.

In present weeks, the 2 worldwide locations got here end to protection power conflict in the Gulf.

"We have a long tradition of friendship with Iran and I've met with its president any number of times, as well as other leaders", Abe told a news conference after his coalition's victory in a Sunday election for parliament's upper house.

What is going to we know relating to the "spying case"?

Monday's announcement marks an escalation of tensions between Washington and Tehran after several attacks on ships, the shooting down of a United States drone and the seizure by Iranian forces of a British tanker in the Persian Gulf last week.

"The spies were employed in sensitive and vital private-sector centers in the economic, nuclear, military and cyber areas ... where they collected classified information", Iranian media quoted the official as saying.

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He did not give the names of the suspects, and it was unclear which members were sentenced to death and for what alleged activities.

In the film, a woman who speaks Persian with what appears to be an American accent says: "There are so many intelligence officers in Dubai".

The spies were reportedly enticed to work for the USA with "tempting" promises, including US visas and residency as well as a job in America and even medical treatment for themselves or loved ones suffering from an illness.

Others had been enticed by offers of cash, lucrative jobs and medical products and companies, he acknowledged. The country denied the drone was Iranian. British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt is also expected to brief Parliament on the Friday seizure of the Stena Impero tanker, now in a heavily guarded Iranian port.

On Monday, Iran's intelligence ministry acknowledged it had broken up a stare ring linked to the CIA last month. They disagreed with the U.S. decision to quit the nuclear deal but have so far failed to offer Iran another way to receive the deal's promised economic benefits.

In accordance to one fable from Iran's notorious Evin jail, there are many of inmates there accused of spying for a range of worldwide locations.

"Of course, they instead met the intelligence ministry's agents and were arrested".

Speaking to Parliament on Monday, Hunt said, "under global law Iran had no right to obstruct the ship's passage let alone board her".