Spider-Man: Far From Home takes $10m across first weekend box office


It has been a insane ride to fame for Tom Holland, who is winning hearts all around the world as the new Spider-Man. But that's not the only thing the cinematic universe needed.

Spider-Man took his web-slinging skills overseas in "Far From Home", and it looks like his vacation paid off.

Speaking with Fandango, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige teased that there will be a sequel to Spider-Man: Far From Home, and that the film will tell a story that has yet to be be told on the big screen, thanks to what happened in the the mid-credits scene in Far From Home. I can't let my break time from Spider-Man also be Spider-Man. It's not as great as Netflix or Disney+, I know, but at least the movie will be swinging around somewhere in case we want to re-watch it. It was likely for this reason that the Spider-Man: Far From Home team didn't even try to cast somebody else. After first revealing to Peter that she'd known his secret for years in Spider-Man #257, MJ and Peter's complicated bond becomes that much stronger because both of them feel comfortable being open and honest about the dark parts of their lives they've fought to keep hidden. Holland was, uncharacteristically, quiet about the future, but did make it clear that the potential excites him. That's all I have to say. Holland is a fan favorite and was described by my kids as the "best actor to ever play the role of Spider-Man".

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The specifics of major Hollywood contracts are notoriously hard to ascertain, and the occasional insights we do receive often come from actors revealing how many movies they have left in a particular franchise. However, traditionally, Jameson isn't aware that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. "Obviously, we mentioned it in Far From Home but [Mysterio's] not telling the truth but I think that's a fun storytelling opportunity for us just the way they've done for years in the comics", Feige explained.

As for the actual plot of a third Spider-Man movie is concerned, there's a chance the film might adapt the infamous story Spider-Man: One More Day.

Check out Tom Holland's comments in the video below.