Sony | Cyber-shot | RX100 VII - Product Feature


'As the global leader in sensor and processor technology we have been able to deliver numerous incredible features of our Alpha 9 in to a compact camera that fits in your pocket, ' said Jun Yoon, head of Sony ANZ Digital Imaging. The sensor has a faster readout speed, more phase-detection AF points and the more modern contrast autofocus system, which enables numerous new capabilities, plus a faster refresh rate in the viewfinder (Sony claims no blackout) and a 90fps seven-shot mode. It looks like both Canon and Sony have finally woken up to the fact that most people who buy their flagship compact cameras these days are vloggers and being able to plug in a mic is a bit of a big deal to many of them.

The RX100 VII will become available in August, with a price tag of $1,200.

There are cheaper ways to photograph your lunch than the RX100 VII, but it also excels at capturing moments and events that are gone in a split second. The company claims the autofocus capabilities of the RX100 VII are the fastest in the world, locking in subjects in 0.02 seconds. Single Burst Shooting allows the photographer to frame fast-moving action and shoot as if taking a single shot, but the camera will actually deliver seven still images taken at 90fps, 60fps or 30fps, so the user can select the best image.

If you are talking strictly about video features, you can't expect hybrid cameras to have the same features as dedicated digital cinema cameras. It has the BIONZ X processor in name, but is not exactly the same processor found in the top-of-the-line Sony full-frame cameras. It also has real-time eye tracking and real-time detection which supports for both videos and photos.

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The Sony RX100 VII is slated to go on sale in the USA market from August 2019.

The RX100 VII also has another cool new mode, which is Single Burst Shooting. Both of these elements are calculated 60 times per second - significantly faster than shots are taken - so cross your fingers that means what we think it means. While recording in 4K, users can enable Active SteadyShot which increases the effective image stabilization by eight times and can sustain continuous shooting of up to five minutes in this mode (when Auto Power Off Temperature is set to Standard).

Other features held over from the RX100 VI include a tilting touchscreen LCD which can flip up 180 degrees for selfies or tilt down 90 degrees for overhead shots, four-stop SteadyShot optical image stabilization and SD UHS-I card storage.