‘Ready to visit Pakistan if Imran Khan invites’, says Taliban


The PM, who returned aboard a commercial flight from the USA after completing his three-day visit, was given a warm welcome by senior party leaders and workers of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf amid slogans and applause.

Pakistan's position on their efforts to quell the region of radical elements within their territories has been much appreciated by the US.

First, a convergence of interests has emerged between Islamabad and Washington on both countries' Afghanistan policy. Just $5 a month. Any engagement with Pakistan would require an end to cross-border terrorism. He also wanted to clear up years of "misunderstandings" between the two countries.

Trump "reiterated to the world that there is no reasonable military solution to the war in Afghanistan, and that peace must be achieved through a political settlement", he wrote on Twitter.

PM Imran, COAS to meet Trump, hold talks with IMF, WB officials
Prime Minister Imran Khan during his three-day visit is scheduled to meet US President Donald Trump on July 22. The first meeting will be in the Oval Office and the second in the cabinet room.

This would have genuinely come as a shock to many in India as it reverses the decades-old United States policy of viewing the Kashmir dispute a bilateral matter to be resolved between India and Pakistan, in sync with Indian sensibilities.

However, India has strongly rejected Donald Trump's controversial claim stating that Kashmir dispute in an internal issue and will be resolved bilaterally with Pakistan.

Following President Trump's comment on Kashmir, Larry Kudlow, Chief Economic Advisor in the Trump administration, said that the U.S. President "doesn't make things up", arguing that President Trump was indeed asked to intervene by PM Modi. They are likely to be reinstated in the coming weeks. The US President further told the Pakistani PM that he would love to help if Pakistan wants him to. So after decades of non-compliance by Pakistan, not just India, even the United Nations threw up their hands in disgust", he says, "It's not that India has been averse to third party mediation - the World Bank was the mediator in the Indus Water Treaty between India and Pakistan and as recently as Kargil it was Bill Clinton who stepped in. It's possible that Trump may resume Pakistan's military training programs and exchanges which were suspended a year ago after both countries developed serious differences over the issue of Afghanistan.

"It is an extremely important relationship". On the other hand, the war scattered Afghans from all over the world have also initiated a drive through social media for building up pressure against President Trump for regretting the negative and irresponsible remarks against the Afghans. Essentially, this will help in terms of sidestepping hiccups that usually occur between the two countries when a direct line of communication is non-existent. Significantly, the joint statement issued after the Trump-Khan talks at the White House does not mention Kashmir.