Nintendo Switch Pro Won't Be Coming This Year


Like the original Nintendo Switch, the Switch Lite can play nearly all of the same games. We're here to help. Simply put, the Switch Lite is created to be a more portable version of the Switch, and as such, it is smaller and lighter than the regular Switch.

The new version of the Switch, which Nintendo calls the Nintendo Switch Lite, is a dedicated portable console.

[Switch Lite will] also be the only new Nintendo Switch hardware this holiday, as Bowser says the larger Switch won't get an upgrade right now.

It is unlikely that this new Switch revision will be announced, instead, it will be silently rolled out and used to replenish stocks of the current Nintendo Switch, similarly to Sony's PS4 Pro revisions.

Nintendo Switch Lite has integrated controls and is smaller than the flagship version of Nintendo Switch.

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There have been other Pokemon spin-offs through the years too, usually on Nintendo's major console rather than the handheld. Luckily, there aren't very many.

The new device can play all games in the robust Nintendo Switch library that support handheld mode*, although some games will have restrictions. It plays all the same games, but it's not a replacement for the OG Switch. It can play most of the same games as its predecessor, as well, as long as the game supports playing in "handheld mode".

Although this aligns with the company's vision of the Switch Lite being a purely handheld device, the decision to eliminate detachable Joy-Cons doesn't preclude the Switch Lite enabling multiplayer entirely as Joy-Cons can still be connected to it. That said, the game can still be enjoyed if players have their own controllers. It's worth noting that there's no kickstand for the Switch Lite either, although considering how the regular Switch's extension is known as the Flim-Z stand, this may be for the best. Plus, some of those games will have restrictions - after all, some games are created to be played with the Joy-Cons separately in your hand.

Just Dance is a series about standing up and shaking your fanny. This is because the Nintendo Switch Light's Joy-Cons are permanently affixed to it, so there's no yanking them off to play with motion controls or anything like that. But what does this mean for diehard Nintendo fans and casual shoppers looking for the most reasonable gaming experience for themselves or their kids? The Lite won't be able to dock with a television, nor will its Joy-Cons be able to detach from the console.

The big question here, is what can one play on the Switch Lite? Compatible game modes will be listed on the back of game packaging and in Nintendo eShop.