Kangana challenges media to ban her, says journalists are 'cheap freeloaders'


Now, the Entertainment Journalists' Guild of India has made a decision to boycott Kangana Ranaut, a delegation from the group told producer of film Judgementall Hai Kya, Ekta Kapoor on Tuesday, two days after the actor's spat with a PTI journalist at a promotional event. They present their treacherous views in front of everyone.

"We're always dealing with actors being misquoted and also the media getting misconstrued, so I hope both sides are able to maintain this relationship to be a friendly one but at the same time professional one because a lot of reputations are getting affected", she opined. "These people do not have any proper argument or comments to make, like journalists are supposed to".

The Mumbai Press Club said it had examined the footage of the press conference. "So I request such people to please ban me because I don't want their livelihoods to function because of me, and I wish to stay away from such people". These three or four people formed a guild against me, I think it was formed yesterday. They demanded an apology from Kangana in lieu of her rude and unacceptable behaviour. Oh unworthy people, traitors and sold out people, I don't need lakhs to buy you. Arey, nalaayko, deshdrohiyo, bikau, tum logo ko khareedne ke liye laakho bhi nai chahiye, tum log to itne saste ho ki Rs 50, 60 mein bik jaate ho. "That's the biggest favour you can do me". "If it were up to the movie mafia and you pseudo-journalists, I would not have been India's top and highest paid actress".

When asked about Judgementall Hai Kya at an event, Rajkummar said, "It's an unbelievable script as it is a very quirky and different comedy".

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"I am talking about the media gentlemen who spread false rumours and attack the country's integrity as well as its unity".

On the other hand, Ekta Kapoor whose production house is producing the film JudgeMentall Hai Kya tendered an apology on social media.

During the release on 7th July, 2019 of a song sequence of the film "Judgmental Hai Kya", when Justin Rao asked Ms Ranaut a few questions, she without provocation lashed out at him and accused Rao of running a "smear campaign" against her.

However, Rao denied the allegations.