Hammond pledges to fight a no-deal Brexit from outside government


However, after his leadership rival Boris Johnson said it would be "insane" to delay Brexit again, Mr Hunt admitted his "honesty" could cost him in the race for No 10.

One of the two contenders will succeed May as the new Conservative leader and Prime Minister, with the victor due to be announced on July 23.

Britain's leadership front runner Boris Johnson has admitted that he did not know the full details of an global trade rule that he is proposing as a viable Plan B for Brexit.

"On Brexit, if people think with their heads as well as their hearts, they will see that my way of delivering Brexit is more likely to get us out by October 31 because I have a plan for no-deal but also the ability to negotiate a deal that can get through the Houses of Parliament", the Foreign Secretary said.

In his interview with Mr Neil, Mr Johnson said the European Union will agree a Brexit deal this year without the backstop provision, predicting the European Union would instead negotiate the issue during post-Brexit free trade talks.

Either Mr Hunt or Mr Johnson will take over from Mrs May the next day.

Guto Bebb said Boris Johnson would be a "disastrous" prime minister.

"We are ready to go to court to test the legality of any attempt to prorogue parliament", she said in a statement.

The two candidates vying to be Britain's next prime minister set a high bar on Monday for success in Brexit negotiations, saying that even a significant concession from the European Union on the Irish border would be insufficient.

Mueller’s congressional testimony could be postponed a week
The report was given to Attorney General William Barr for review in April. "We have been arguing for as much time as we can get". However, lawmakers are banking on public testimony to reveal the contents of the report to Americans who have not read it.

"I don't think Plaid Cymru has changed that much", he said.

"There is no question that the moment we leave on the 31st we should be in a position to get some kind of arrangement with the United States", a source on Johnson's campaign told the paper. "We now have to get behind a new government".

But the former foreign secretary insisted his comments in the debate had been "misrepresented" and denied withholding his backing.

He made the remark during an appearance on the BBC on Friday night.

The Metropolitan Police said this evening it had opened a criminal investigation into alleged leaking of official communications Mr Darroch.

Boris Johnson, the frontrunner to become Britain's next prime minister, has refused to rule out suspending parliament to deliver on his promise that Britain will leave the European Union on October 31 with or without an exit deal.

"But everybody in Parliament had a responsibility in how they voted on this issue".

"I think we have achieved a lot over the last three years but whenever you come to the end of a premiership I think everybody will always feel that there is more that they wanted to do".

However, Fox, who campaigned for Brexit alongside Johnson, dismissed this saying that any deal would probably take years to pass through the U.S. congress.