Google Translate Instant Camera gets better with the latest upgrade


And most of the languages can be downloaded onto your device, so that you can use the feature without an internet connection.

While the app supports Sesotho, Xhosa and Zulu translations, the camera feature was not working with these languages at the time of writing. This is built into instant camera translations, which produces more accurate and natural translations and reduces errors by between 55pc and 85pc in certain language pairs, according to Google. Google Translate's three camera functions will now be front and center at the bottom of the app.

Google acquired Word Lens years ago, giving Google Translate the nifty ability to translate words with the aid of a smartphone camera. Previously, users had to manually enter the source language being scanned. As the name itself says, it translates text in the preferred language that too in seconds, all you got to do is point the camera focus to the text.

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Google Translate, the company's machine translation tool, is available as a mobile app with a unique feature: instant camera translation. This addition could be ideal for people traveling in regions with many languages, where you can't always be sure of the language on a menu or road sign. These make the visual interface seamless and better. In the updated version of the app, you can select "Detect language" as the source language and it will automatically translate the text of the sign into the language of your choice. In simple words, you can now translate Bengali int Hindi instead of English or Japanese into French and so on.

Google Translate's new instant camera will begin rolling out to about one percent of users today, with full availability coming in the next few weeks. Steady translated text overlays make the translations easy to read and understand quickly.