Google Testing New Search Widget With Discover, Google Lens Buttons


At Google's third annual Google for Nigeria event today, the search giant's showcase of new services included the unveiling of a slimmed-down, lightweight alternative to its popular Google Photos app called Gallery Go that seems to have been designed specifically with users in developing markets in mind. Also possible is to create folders to organize your photos. This app will also be accessible to auto-enhance photos and apply filters. In less than a day, the app has been downloaded more than 1,000 times and has a rating of 4.8/5 stars after 45 user votes.

The major difference between Gallery Go and Google Photos is, naturally, the storage options.

Gallery Go automatically labels images without using any data.

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Google has launched a new Go-branded app, Gallery Go, which requires less data and storage space to operate. Google Photos 4.20, which rolled out last week, adds live previews as you scroll through your timeline in the "Photos" feed, 9To5Mac reported on Monday. Additionally, users will be able to edit photos and videos using the Gallery Go app, much like on Google Photos.

"We've crossed this really critical milestone of a billion monthly users, and Gallery Go is how we think about the next billion". The app has a size of 10 Megabytes which is small when you compare it Google Photos which has a size of 42 Megabytes now. ~ Anil Sabharwal, Google VP who led the creation of Google Photos. Just note the app isn't available yet in all countries.

Though it's only a test for now, Google could be looking to demote voice search from the home screen as you already have access to Assistant via your home button and the "Hey Google" hotword. Believe it or not, Gallery Go is only 10MB.